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Insurance Planning

The Importance of Insurance

Insurance is an often overlooked, but integral part of one’s financial security and estate plan. It is essential that your insurance solution fits your current and future needs. Each person’s insurance needs are going to differ depending on financial resources, current age, current health, employer’s benefits package, risk tolerance, purpose (i.e., income replacement or estate enhancement), etc.


Types of Insurance Products Offered

The following insurance products should be carefully considered, and are currently offered to our clients:

  1. Life Insurance (Permanent or Term) - Whole Life, Universal Life, Level Term and Decreasing Term

  2. Long Term Care Insurance

  3. Health Insurance

  4. Disability Insurance

  5. Fixed Annuities


Types of Insurance Products Offered

The purpose of the decision tree is to get you to think about your situation, review any existing insurance policies, and to consider whether or not you have adequate coverage for a catastrophic event.

Do I have Enough Liquid Assets to Cover a Catastrophic Event?

Consider Supplementing Assets with One or More Insurance Products


Purchase Insurance

(What Type?)



(Permanent or


Long Term Care Insurance

(Traditional or Hybrid)



(Employer or Individual)



(Employer or Individual)



(Immediate or Deferred)

Things to Think About When Considering Insurance

  1. If I was out of work for an extended period of time, would I still be able to make my mortgage payment? (Disability Insurance)

  2. If my spouse unexpectedly died, would I still be able to take care of the household expenses or our children’s education? (Life Insurance)

  3. If my spouse or I was confined to a nursing home, would we or I have enough assets to take care of the daily care expenses without jeopardizing the rest of the family? (Long Term Care Insurance)

  4. If I suffered a serious accident, do I have enough money saved to pay for the medical expenses? (Health Insurance)